Hong Kong Knight Wine Cellar Limited is situated in a self-owned premise. The cellar is designed with the concept of the French underground wine cellar in mind with a view to providing an optimum aging condition for your wines.

Sophisticated equipment has been used for the professional management of room temperature, humidity and lighting. The floor has been engineered to render it shock-resistant. Security is an uncompromising aspect of our cellar. Precision facilities are in place to protect the cellar against unauthorized access. Private storage rooms with Individual Room CCTV monitoring are also provided on request.

A total of 70 storage room are available for guests to choose from. Room size ranges from 25 sq ft to 100 sq ft, and a maximum 550 standard wine cases can be accommodated in these rooms.

An on-site tasting room equipped with a variety of wine glasses and decanters is provided for the enjoyment of wine straight from your wine cellar.