Temperature and Humidity Control

THE CAVE Wine Cellar employed the services of one of the leading professional air conditioning companies in Hong Kong to assist in converting the premise into an ideal place for wine storage. All the cooling machines were imported from Germany and France.

The cellar temperature and relative humidity are strictly maintained respectively at 14℃ to 16℃ and 60% to 70%. Our endeavour is to provide a natural underground cellar environment for the storage of your wines.



A 60mm shock-resistance material has been laid in the floor slab during renovation to ensure zero vibration to all wines in the cellar.



Strong light and ultraviolet light destroy wine quality. A soft lighting system is installed in the cellar to ensure zero natural light penetration.

Each room is provided with an independent switch button for monitoring lighting.



The building in which our cellar is located is provided with two spacious loading bays on two different floors, which are served with 5 lifts that lead directly to our cellar. Parking spaces are amply provided.