CHUBB is responsible for designing, installing and maintaining the security facilities in the cellar, which include a comprehensive CCTV camera network, infrared motion detectors, an access control system and a 24- hour monitoring service. CHUBB is a famous international security company. Many international banks and airports are using their security service.

Users of the cellar have to undergo a series of identification before entry is permitted. They have to make telephone reservation in advance before visitation. At the cellar, identity will be checked in the first place followed by another fold of security-code-lock screening in the presence of our staff before entry is possible. All rooms are equipped with a double locking device which can only be opened by the guest of the rooms and the management of the cellar.The security concept is comparable to the one employed in banks for their safes.

Unlike other wine cellars, ours does not provide 24-hour access service. Our prime concern is to ensure maximum security against burglary especially after office hours. During that time, all entry doors will be locked and the whole security system will be activated.